Writing for the Web

What’s News?

News is happening all around you. It’s made up of the things you see every day.  It’s the stories shared by your neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers about your neighborhood, your school, the workplace or your place of worship. An easy way to determine if it’s news is to ask yourself is there something new, different, unique, noteworthy, odd, funny, sad, or special that you know about. Well, others may find this interesting too and you can help by sharing the story with them. News is simply storytelling in a structured way. So go ahead share and your news.

Writing for the Web

Length – A good rule of thumb for our website is 3-5 paragraphs with 2-3 sentences in each. It can be longer, but we would recommend not making your story any shorter. Please don’t submit one big long paragraph. It’s hard to read and not easy to look at either.

Content – Be sure to cover Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How in your story. Don’t leave out any critical details. If you’re including it in your story you should have seen it first hand (observation) or talked to someone else who did (interview). You can also use other sources such as official documents. Please don’t just copy and paste from any website, that’s plagiarism and it’s bad.

Topics – You can write about any topic you’re passionate about. We focus exclusively on news, opinion, and events in and around the City of Rancho Cordova. If it’s about Rancho we’d love to read about it and so would our readers.

Language – As we’ve stated before, keep it family friendly. No profanity, racist remarks, or just plain ugly words. Please be sure to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Tone – We prefer a more conversational tone for our articles. Write it like you’re telling your neighbor on the street corner or your friend at a dinner party. Just the facts is okay too, but don’t be afraid to inject your own personality, emotion, and quirky sayings. Have fun!

Photos – Yes please! A story is much more interesting with pictures. Send them to use and we’ll get them setup to look amazing. (Note: To submit photos along with your story please attach them to an e-mail and send to editor@ranchocordovapost dot com)

Authoring – You must use your real name and e-mail address. Only your name will display for readers. We may use the e-mail address to contact you with questions if needed.

Deadlines – Hah, we don’t have any deadlines. This is the internet we’re dealing with, it’s live 24×7. Seriously, we publish anytime , but we reserve the right to take a break for coffee and trips to the dog park! :)

Can I Get Help Writing?

Of course, our editors would love to give you some pointers or edit your draft story. Just drop us a line at editor@ranchocordovapost dot com or visit one of our monthly Writer’s Workshops for more assistance. See the events page for the next workshop.

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