Rancho Cordova Post: Premier Media and Marketing Partner

Media Partner

Founded in September of 2007, The Rancho Cordova Post  is the largest and fastest growing online news site for the Highway 50 corridor. It has quickly gained a following of local readers from Arden Arcade to Folsom and every community in between. Covering city and neighborhood news, local events and entertainment, residents and community members have quickly realized the advantage of a local, daily, online news source.

Recently, The Rancho Cordova Post has added more award winning journalists to the staff allowing them to provide coverage of local sports, business news, public safety, local schools, and special features. The expanded coverage has enabled them to reach even more readers in the surrounding area. Today, The Rancho Cordova Post reaches over 12,000 monthly readers and subscribers who have come to expect the most relevant local news on a daily basis.

Neighborhood Partner

The Rancho Cordova Post operates a little differently than a traditional print newspaper. They allow their readers to submit articles of interest directly through the website through an easy to use form. Readers who submit their own articles or “letters to the editor” are called Community Contributors.

Community Contributors are writers from the community who submit articles on a regular basis about any topic of their choosing. From gardening to frugal living to local sports, Community Contributors cover a wide variety of topics. They usually submit at least one article each week and are an important part of what makes The Rancho Cordova Post unique.

Often, Community Contributors gain a large following as regular readers begin to anticipate the next article. Because the stories on The Rancho Cordova Post are in part driven by the community, anyone with a passion for writing who lives, works, or plays in the area can contribute; as long as the article is relevant to the local area and family-friendly, of course. The editorial staff is always available to discuss article ideas or topics of interest and proofread or copy edit the article before it is published to ensure quality.

Community Partner

The Rancho Cordova Post has been embraced by many community groups in Rancho Cordova. As a proud business partner of the Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce, the Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, and Russian American Media, they reach the many diverse cultures that contribute to the richness of the Rancho Cordova community.

The Rancho Cordova Post has also partnered on events and programs with well known organizations such as the City of Rancho Cordova, the Cordova Community Council, and the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership. Building strong relationships with community organizations is vital to the success of any organization, and The Rancho Cordova Post has done so with much success.

By serving as a media sponsor and providing local events with live coverage The Rancho Cordova Post has been able to expand the audience and influence for many local events and the organizations involved. With involvement in events like the Economic Forum Power Breakfast and State of the City Luncheon, Rancho Cordova 4th of July Celebration and Parade, and the California Capital Airshow The Rancho Cordova Post has shown their versatility.

The Rancho Cordova Post has distinguished itself as a major event partner by providing audio, video, photo and press coverage to include social media through services like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This coverage has raised the profile of these events on par with any event held in the Sacramento region. Local business owners have demonstrated their confidence in The Rancho Cordova Post by partnering with them for event marketing services. Many business owners believe that The Rancho Cordova Post provides the most professional and effective representation for their business at high profile local events.

Marketing Partner

Besides being Rancho Cordova’s “First Source for News”, as their tagline states, The Rancho Cordova Post is also a premier advertising and marketing provider. The Rancho Cordova Post marketing team can show businesses how to effectively reach thousands of readers through internet marketing campaigns. Whether it be through an online advertising campaign to build your brand or a search engine marketing effort to target local customers, the Rancho Cordova Post has become a trusted outsourced marketing partner for many businesses.

Many business owners find the ability to measure the return on investment (ROI) for their marketing dollars difficult. Not with the online advertising and marketing services of The Rancho Cordova Post. They provide an easy to read summary of your marketing campaign each month allowing the busy business owner to easily measure their ROI and adjust and optimize their marketing plan.

Unlike traditional marketing channels like print newspapers, the yellow pages, or even radio or television, advertising on The Rancho Cordova Post can be tracked, measured, and optimized to improve the performance of each marketing dollar spent. Whether you live, work or play in the Rancho Cordova area, you should surf on over to The Rancho Cordova Post to learn more about the benefits of internet marketing and gain more customers and clients for your business today.

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The Rancho Cordova Post is a Metro Media publication a partner in SLOAN and a member of Sacramento Connect.