Photos of Tour of Rancho Cordova with Congressman Dan Lungren

Congressman Dan Lungren (right) learns about the construction of International Bridge Project from Cyrus Abhar, Rancho Cordova Public Works Director (left), and Council Member Dan Skoglund (center). Mr. Lungren provided nearly $1 million in federal funding for this bridge that spans the Folsom South Canal. The canal is federally-owned and cuts Rancho Cordova in half. Mr. Lungren also saw projects on White Rock Road, Douglas Road, Mather Veterans Village, Folsom Boulevard, and the new Rancho Cordova police building on Kilgore Road.

Cyrus Abhar, Rancho Cordova Public Works Director, Congressman Dan Lungren, Council Member Dan Skoglund, Rancho Cordova Senior Engineer (and International Bridge Project Manager) Kathy Garcia.

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1 Comment for “Photos of Tour of Rancho Cordova with Congressman Dan Lungren”

  1. ED ZEE

    Lungren voted against the Regulation and Oversight of the United States Financial System: the #1 cause of our worst economy since the Depression. Thanks to politicians like Dan, there is now $50 TRILLION of UNREGULATED debt = the whole system can collapse even worse than the fall of 2008. If u like that your pension and other retirement investments are at high risk of a crash , vote for Lungren.
    He also voted Voted NO on requiring negotiated drug prices for Medicare part D. (Jan 2007) = MULTI- $BILLION DOLLAR GIFT TO BIG DRUG COMPANIES, This would be comparable to telling every wal-mart store that each store must negotiate its own prices with suppliers; even though they could get much lower prices by negotiating as a group. Why would Lungren vote against the government, the largest buyer of drugs on the planet, negotiating drug prices, when he knows that Medicaid in California and many other states have save $BILLIONS by negotiating with drug companies for years ? As a fiscal conservative, there is no way I could ever vote for Lungren when he knowingly voted to give $BILLIONS of extra unnecessary tax dollars to big drug companies. How does he sleep at night?

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