Bus, Light Rail Schedule Changes to Go Into Effect Sunday

A $25 million budget shortfall resulted in Sacramento Regional Transit board members approving drastic schedule changes across the board in March. Those schedule changes will officially go into effect on Sunday, and over half of Sacramento County’s routes will be altered or eliminated.

Starting Sunday, no late night services will be offered for light rail or bus routes. The last train passing through Rancho Cordova will leave the Sacramento Valley Station at 8:58 p.m. and will arrive at the Sunrise Station at 9:40 p.m.; after returning to the downtown station, no more light rail routes will be started.

Regional Transit will also discontinue 26 routes during the week, 13 routes on Saturday and four routes on Sunday. Though many of these routes do not pass through Rancho Cordova, some local routes were targeted for elimination: 

  • Route 28, which ran from Folsom Boulevard to Fair Oaks Boulevard, will be discontinued on Saturdays
  • Route 36, which ran along Folsom Boulevard, will be discontinued
  • Route 73, which followed White Rock Road, will be discontinued
  • Route 74, which followed International Drive, will be eliminated on Saturdays
  • Route 261, which serviced Rosemont, La Riviera and Lincoln Village, will be discontinued

In addition, some local routes have been changed so that they service a smaller area or make less frequent stops:

  • All light rail stops will be adjusted to operate every 30 minutes on weekends
  • Route 28 will no longer service the Mather Field and Zinfandel light rail stations and will only run from Cordova Town Center to Sunrise Mall

The changes are expected to save the struggling transit system $11.6 million for the coming fiscal year. On top of the service changes, Regional Transit said in March that it will be laying off approximately 200 employees by September; the restoration of state transit assistance funds as well as revenue from the “Park-Pay-and-Ride” program are expected to help close the budget shortfall facing the transit system.

For more information on route changes, Sacramento Regional Transit has created a list of affected routes and the changes to take place on Sunday here.

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4 Comments for “Bus, Light Rail Schedule Changes to Go Into Effect Sunday”

  1. Ryan L

    Well written, but thumbs down to the news. It’s too bad that this economy has shown itself yet once again with more cuts. They already have their fees at $2.50, so it’s not a surprise that they had to cut back services since rate hikes were likely not a viable option.

  2. Richard Hanson

    The majority of their budget comes from local, state and federal subsidies. With state and local governments continuing their long-term downward financial spiral, this sort of cutting will continue for the next couple of years.

  3. Kevin Jenkins

    Very sad news. This most effects the elderly and the working poor. The sorts of folks who most count on RT.

    These service cuts send a very bad signal to the community about the public transportation just at a time when we should be creating more and better connections.

  4. sharon prophet

    I honestly can’t believe after changing the rates, taking away transfers RT still has such problems with their budget!

    I had hoped that after taking away the transferws and increasing their rates that maybe…just MAYBE…they might be able to put a couple of restrooms at a few of their stops, I also had hopes that they might fix it so that you could actually drink from the drinking fountains instead of installing them for their looks.

    The RT system is my only means of transportation so I really have no choice. I understand that there is a high cost of operation, I just feel that there could be better choices about how the budget is used.

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