Jury Awards Family of Jennifer Strange $16 Million

The family of Jennifer Strange will be awarded more than $16 million in the wrongful death lawsuit filed after Strange’s death in 2007. The mother of three died shortly after participating in a local radio station’s “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” contest in which contestants drank as much water as they could without going to the bathroom in a three hour period.

 Strange died of water intoxication after she drank more than a dozen bottles of water in less than three hours in the competition held by KDND, 107.9 The End, owned and operated by Entercom. The lawsuit named eight employees of Entercom as defendants, including John Geary, Steve Weed, Robin Pechota and Liz Dial, Adam Cox, Steve Maney, Patricia Sweet and Matt Carter

The jury found neither Entercom nor Strange negligent in the case. The jury did award Strange’s family a financial sum. Economic damages awarded to the plaintiffs; Strange’s husband, William Strange, their two children, and Ronald Sims, the father and guardian and Strange’s eldest child, total $1.5 million. Non-economic damages total $15.1 million. The family will receive a total of $16,577,118.

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4 Comments for “Jury Awards Family of Jennifer Strange $16 Million”

  1. Billy

    Wait… the jury decided that the defendants were NOT negligent, but still ordered them to pay over $16,000,000??? Seriously?

  2. $16 million?? Where is the personal responsibility? Jennifer Strange was an adult. Adults are responsible for their actions or at least they once were.

    • Jessica

      Personal responsibility? I know MANY people that still do not know you can die from drinking too much water. They never informed these contestants of the specific risks to doing this. The Radio Station laughed off warnings during the contest and THEY DID KNOW you could die from doing this. I had no idea what water intoxication was until this happend either so, I might have did the stupid contest too. Bottom line, you seem to know little about the facts of the case. Jennifer did nothing wrong. She never thought that a silly contest would or COULD kill her – NO ONE DID. Personal responsibility my A$S.

      • No one forced her to drink the water. Some adults want to blame everyone else for their actions. The radio station had a majority of the responsibility for this, but Jennifer was not innocent. $16M is far too much money, but par for the course in our sue happy society.

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