Saltwater Marine Life for your SOHO

Natural Wonders
by Dave Condell

Marine fish are some of the most beautiful creatures in the ocean and bringing them into your home or office can be a rewarding experience for your family and your visitors. Their colorful and vibrant displays, individual behaviors and personalities, and complex interactions are amazing. Observing healthy fish in a well-planned and maintained aquarium can bring peace and relaxation rarely found anywhere else.

This article is the first in a series that attempts to cover the basics in marine aquarium setup and maintenance. Far from being considered the views of an “expert” and more from personal experience in keeping saltwater fish, resulting in much success and some failures, for several years. I offer some insights into both the joys and challenges this hobby can offer.

In these articles, I hope to present a healthy balance between the pleasures and skills of basic aquarium keeping with the practical and often intimidating perceptions that the hobby is complicated and financially draining. So, whether you’re “Finding Nemo” or searching for a lifelong hobby as a marine aquarist, these articles may help you get started.

Every few weeks, we’ll explore different aspects of what it takes to setup and maintain a healthy marine aquarium. We’ll talk about aquarium systems and some of the basic equipment and components you’ll need to get started. We’ll then cover filtration and water quality, setup and aquascaping, maintenance and algae, and finish up talking about healthy feeding of those slippery critters and what to do when disease strikes. I’ll try to keep things simple, practical, and my recommendations cost-effective.

So, stay tuned… “To be or not to be….a marine aquarist”

(Disclaimer: The contents of this series of articles are solely based on the personal experiences and ideas of the author. He is not a professional marine aquarist and they are not intended to be an instructional “how-to” guide. The reader assumes all liability for how the information is used. Setting-up and maintaining aquariums contains risks – it involves the storage of large, heavy volumes of water, use of electrical equipment in water, and potential exposure to poisonous fish and invertebrates. While every effort will be made to recommend healthy and safe aquarium-keeping practices, the author is not responsible for how the information is acted upon.)

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